About Us

With the town's much-loved and much-missed old cinema sitting pretty but idle for the last 18 years, Paul Byrne reckons Greystones might just be ready for another night out at the pictures.

For many a Greystonian, the cultural highlight of the week was often a visit to The Ormonde, to catch the latest Hollywood wonder or the occasional homegrown hit.

The simple act of a large group of town folk all gathered in the dark, to witness Arnie saving the world, Harrison getting the girl, or Bruce sending some poor unfortunate’s testicles out the window, sure, it was a thing of joy and wonder.

The fact that you also might just get closer to the object of your desire if you were quick enough to grab one of the back-row couches just added to the magic of it all.

Well, those halcyon, halogen days are set to return, with the Greystones Film Club finding a very welcoming home at The Whale. Thanks to their great big, larger-than-life screen and a false teeth-rattling, kick-ass sound system, the experience of going to the flicks in this town will once again a glorious option.

The only trick is, given the rich history and diversity of cinema, which wondrous, wonder-filled big-screen beauties do we show first…?

Well, fear not, my fat friends, for we have all the time in the world, and over the coming years, the Greystones Film Club will be travelling far and wide through cinema’s rich, colourful history, as we celebrate the classics whilst seeking out new sensations too.

To that end, we’re going to mix it up, giving over a month to a genre here, a golden era there, to one filmmaker’s finest offerings here, to an entire country’s soul laid bare the next. We’ll also be hosting a Greystones Kids Film Club on the weekends too, where we’ll not only revisit the animated classics of Disney, Pixar, Ghibli and beyond but also explore the ever-growing fantasy franchises (such as Star Wars, Potter and the Marvel monsters), the increasingly smart kiddie comedies (that Angry Birds movie was basically Curb Your Enthusiasm with feathers), and on to documentaries, dramas and the odd dark, twisted tale to help the young ‘uns cope with the occasional odd, dark and twisted reality that might just come into their life.

When you look back at the death of Bambi’s mother, of Dumbo being cradled by his incarcerated mum, or Pinnochio discovering the debilitating and deforming dangers of pursuing forbidden pleasures, well, it’s clear that Uncle Walt was keen to bury some life lessons in amidst all that Disney cuteness.

So, as Father Dougal might say, “Up with this sort of thing!”. It may take us a month or two to get all the wheels up on the tracks, but once The Greystones Film Club is fully up and running, suffice to say, we’re going to have some incredible adventures together…

Just, you know, remember to turn off your mobile phone. Or else…